Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tykal's Vinyl Rips – February 28th, 2010

Tykal's Vinyl Rips – February 28th, 2010

I've decided to preserve my entire collection in digital format, so going forward this blog will mirror the developments of that project. I'll be doing full rips rather than just my favourite tunes, and will venture into territory you might not expect from what I've uploaded thus far. I'll also be re-ripping everything previously upped in an attempt to standardize sound quality. I'll stick to 320s on here, but if any particular tune or record makes your ginie tingle, send me a creatively worded request and I just might be persuaded to hand over the wavs.

For now, we have two new skool ragga bangers from the early days of the revival, the first featuring Cali don R.A.W., and the second featuring Florida funkmeister Jeffee (working under the pseudonym F3). Then we have New York's Datcyde shredding the matrix with Oh Gosh, and oh do I not jest when I say it gushes proper. Then a couple of my favorite old skool joints: Brothers by Fourth World on Ignition Musik and the elusive “Night Moves” on Jungle Splash.

I have a mint condition double of the F3 tune and am open to offers if anyone's black crack habit says they have to have it.

Lastly, if you have any really rare or obscure jungle you think I might like to hear, please let me know, I love to partake of rip-fest exchanges.

R.A.W. - One Lightah - Judgment 1.rar


Datcyde - Oh Gosh! - Taciturn 641258-1.rar

Fourth World - Saxxx - Ignition Musik 003.rar

Unknown Artist - Night Moves - Jungle Splash 006.rar


  1. You've made my day Tykal. Can't wait to hear what goodies you've got in store for us :D

  2. fourth world-brothers is asking to begin a nice mix:)

  3. i have some of ur older mixes when they were hosted on trinitydon site wich was like forever ago like dat ol hardcore jungle tekno shit part 1 n 2, fresh catch and 2 other ones,