Friday, June 11, 2010

Dubtronix - Interfaze LP - Q Dance (QRLP003)

Pumping some life-blood back into this sleeping beauty, today we have one of the lesser known albums by the duo Dubtronix, which, according to discogs, consists on this outing of the producers G.E. Real and Ninj. That leads me into a bit of confusion, because Dubtronix, from what I can gather, is generally composed of Jeremy Sylvester, aka Darkus, and his father, Charles Sylvester, who had his heyday in the mid-70s as part of the disco-funk band J.A.L.N, and who I would take a stab at pinning down as Ninj (this would explain Ninj's experimental jungle album with jazz guitarist Derek Bailey and his work with avant-bassist Bill Laswell).

It could very well be that G.E. Real and Darkus are in fact J. Sylvester, but until I come across some confirmation, I'm hesitant to believe it, for one because Sub Assertive Sounds #2 (CUE2) lists Darkus, GE Real and Ninj as three separate people, as does the first track on Dubtronix - The Extreme Collection, Vol 1.

What I think more likely is that, as track AA2 seems to indicate, this is Darkus and Ninj, the only father and son duo I'm aware of in the oldskool jungle world, though I do recall several oldskool producers whose fathers were musicians and influenced their children to flex their own gift of the ear in turn.

Anyhow, some floaters on here, as well as some amen smashers, but whichever side of the fence you tend to play on, there's well-executed examples of each. My pick: Contradiction, an amen-heavy, piano-riffing, stab-slick slice of 94 jungle the way it was meant to be heard.

A1 My Fantasy
A2 Sensation
A3 Snare Time
A4 Interfaze
AA1 Pass Me A Dubplate
AA2 Ninj & Darkus
AA3 Contradiction
AA4 Feel


  1. Ooh. Big up, Tykal. I'm very much liking the new look too.

  2. I love AA3 but what's up with the recording? One channel is way louder than the other. Don't suppose we could get a reload, selektah?

  3. Brian, that's how the record was pressed unfortunately. Here's a link to the tune off of the Dubtronix Junglism LP where the issue isn't as prominent:

  4. Hey Tykal!! Lovin the new site, hope your doing better. I was wondering if you migt have thisalbum in your collection (I know you posted a song off of it once)
    ACGT - Kosovo In Crisis

    thanks alot !!!!!!