Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Green Piece - Northern Herbalism - Kiff 003 CD (1996)

Back with another steinful of jungle from Krautland, this time we head up to Hamburg for a 1996 LP written by the duo Green Piece, which consists of Malte "Waldmeista" Moller and Pari "K.U. Hetsch" Dee, appearing on the Label Kiff, which was active from 1994-2000 and tended to cater more toward the downtempo side of electronic music with releases in such genres as dub, electro, ambient, techno, synth-pop and breaks. The songs range from intelligent, lushly padded, Bukem style tunes to melodic, female vocal, amen-driven rollers. I wouldn't rate every tune very highly on a scale of memorability, but the few standout songs – "B Alone," "R.O.L. Part 1 + 2" and "TUC Mowth" – warrant being dropped in a mix every now and again, and render the rest of the album worth at least an occasional listen. Based on the sampling and the use of breaks atypical to most jungle, I'd say the producers were influenced by the acid and techno scenes present in their day, and that they were aiming at a production style crisscrossing but markedly divergent from that of their British counterparts. After listening through a third time, I'm left with the feeling of looking down a corridor that jungle might have travelled were its trail not fated to have gone cold after the first few footsteps toward a trend that might have been. Still, at least we're left with a dozen choice fossils to admire, and scant as it may seem, there's something to be said for that.


Friday, August 7, 2009

VA - Record Factory in the Jungle

VA - Record Factory in the Jungle

According to the liner notes, these were all produced by Bunny Gemini for Record Factory Recording Studios, located at 46 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica. This, I guess, would account for why the artist on each track is listed as the vocalist appearing on the track rather than the producer of it. A norm in the reggae world, or most genres for that matter, but not typical of jungle credits. From listening to the tunes, I'd venture to guess that the guy making these normally made dub/riddims, as he uses a lot of one-hits and reggae drum patterns that, to the seasoned jungle ear, might sound a bit odd at first, but after letting it settle a while, I found myself grooving along. Heavy usage of the amen break (make that every tune), both reggae and non-reggae vocal samples, a few atmospherics, even a bit of dred bass - seems like the guy was pretty well versed in the lexicon of jungle. The overall style, in new skool terms, reminds me of what it might sound like if the vibes from Debaser's Jungle Royale project were cross-pollinated with the heavyhanded break-focus of his Press-Up tunes. Anyhow one you don't see too often, and score for me at a brand new sealed $1.34. Ripped through EAC to wav then run through Platinum Notes and compressed to 320.


01 Jigsy King - Stay Alive (4:12)
02 Dennis Brown - Attack My Sound (4:25)
03 Admiral Tibet - Weeping & Mourning (4:25)
04 Frankie Paul - Round & Round (5:40)
05 Pluggy Terrible - Flip Up (4:39)
06 Simpleton - 1/4 To 1/2 (5:17)
07 Gregory Isaacs - Off A Mi Fender (4:13)
08 Ninjaman - M 16 (5:05)
09 Conrad Crystal - Kill You Tonight (4:48)
10 Dennis Brown - Sweetest Sound (5:03)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TVR - June 1st 2009

TVR - June 1st 2009

Three more 94/95 rips to kick off June with. Two amen-heavy records from the labels Renk and Jungle Massive, with funk, ragga and atmospheric influences, and one of the few non-amen releases I enjoy from A Guy Called Gerald's label, Juice Box. For those who enjoy the Dubtronix tunes, check out B9 recordings for more of their work. There was only one other release on Jungle Massive, and it's a damn fine slice of jungle worth hunting down too.

Dubtronix - Renk (12RENKT59)


Unknown Artist - Jungle Massive (WOODS001)


A Guy Called Gerald - Juice Box 20


Friday, May 29, 2009

End of May Rip-fest

Tykal's end of May rip-fest: I've been bitten by the bug, in more ways than one. The first being that I have one nasty case of the flu, the two week plus variety, which may or may not come from the snout of swine. The second, and more beneficial to you, being an itch to rip a few records for hour or so after work a couple days per week. Excepting the first tune, all full rips at 320 to help you blast yourself through the sweltering heat of summer.

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 19th-21st 2009


Mind 21 - Mindz - Urban Gorilla (ICE1031).rar

Reel II Reel ft Michelle Thompson - Jungle for Lovers - Reel II Reel Productions.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wdvwyzy4zgd

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 25th 2009

Cantankerous - Make D'Speakerz Pop - Slammin Wrecx 004.rar

Jay Parkes & Nerv - Pin High Records (PHJA003).rar

Mixrace Productions - Mob Handed 005.rar

Nicky Blackmarket & Formula 7 - Maniacs Volume - Quayside 013.rar

Tom & Tom - Down Force - Deep Red Recordings 002.rar

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 26th 2009

Detrimental - Booyaka Crew Remixes - Cooking Vinyl (DEBT004).rar

DJ Buz - No U-Turn 008.rar

Graham Haynes, Marque Gilmore & Lennie De Ice - Polydor 576 109-1.rar

Nostramus - Predictions EP - Recordings of Substance (HEMP4).rar

Warrior Bass - Future Vinyl 4.rar

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 27th 2009

Flynn & Flora - Independent Dealers 001.rar

Headhunter & Astralasia - Dubxotic EthnoFunkaDelia - Universal Egg (EGGY19).rar

Mind Rise - Inverse 004.rar

Point Blank - One Touch Recordings 004.rar

The Brotherhood - Brotherhood Vol 1 - Quayside 16.rar

Tuesday, May 26, 2009




From what I can gather on the internet, Indochina was a sub-label of China records, which secured its position in the industry through its best-selling artists Art of Noise, Morcheeba and the Levellers. Indochina was its loosely defined dance music off-shoot that pressed up everything from trip-hop to house to disco to jazzdance to hip-hop to breaks to, in six instances I can find, jungle/drum & bass.

My introduction to the label's jungle efforts was through the "Players (Amen Mix)" on ID036T, which was released in 1995 and has a hip-hop jump-up feel to it. About 5 years later, I took an interest in hunting down the other jungle releases on the label, and have been more than pleasantly surprised at both the diversity and the quality of tunes I've discovered thus far. As I say, I've found six releases, specifically ID030T, ID033T, ID036T, ID043T, ID053T and MOR001, but I've only included the first three here because, I've yet to buy the fourth release, and after having heard the last two, I reluctantly admit they're a little too plain and minimal for my tastes, but what do you expect from Doc Scott, J. Majik and Omni Trio in 96-97.

Despite the latter tunes being wonkypoop, the first three are of a different order. The first, ID030T, is a new and decidedly different take on Summer Breeze, which the readers of this blog would probably be more familiar with as a tune by Bonny and the Highlander. The Band of Gypsies version is a funky melodic non-amen number, and the Team 5 version is a ragga-snippet amen tearout. Casablanca, the third tune on the release, is an orchestral, steppy tune that brings to mind rainbow socked bunnies hopping through a field of poppy seeds. ID033T, quickly becoming my favorite of the bunch, manages to combine jazz and jungle in a manner quite unlike anything I've heard before. Usually a jazzy jungle tune, in my experience, signifies a jungle tune which has very minor influence from jazz or has a sax sample thrown in somewhere or another. Here, the focus seems to be more of an even split, and the producer employs innovative tricks such as throwing in an amen crash on only the fourth beat of a measure. I don't know enough about the technical aspects to go much deeper into it, but for any fellow jazz and jungle enthusiasts out there, I suggest you give this a blast through the headphones. The third, as stated earlier, has a jump-up amen tune that I quite enjoy, an electro-esque stepper, and overall a more steppy techy vibe that would fit in with the direction dnb was heading in late 95-early 96.

According to the promo sheet that came with my copy of the Medusa release, Indochina had planned on setting up a sub-label for future dnb related releases entitled Freebase. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that the cardboard sleeve for that release and the Players release had a Freebase name and logo on them, but they continued to use Indochina catalogue numbers, and I couldn't find anything else on a Freebase label on the internet, so I'm led to believe that the plan went defunct before it ever really took off.

When I get the fourth release, I'll add it here, but for now, I hope you enjoy these three latest offerings from my dusty shelves.

On a side note, for those who like their trip-hop funky, I highly recommend listening to the album Albumen by The Egg on this label. One of the best in that genre I've heard.

Spiral ft Lisa Lamb - Summer Breeze - Indochina 030T.rar http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tm1iyjmenjj

Medusa - Indochina 033T.rar

The Player, G-Force & Ill's - Indochina 036T.rar

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bassline Generation - Jungle Explorers

Been after this CD for ages - just got it in the mail yesterday thanks to the user Safarista on ragga-jungle.com.

94/95 style jungle, mostly amen tunes, a couple floaters. You may be familiar with their 12" singles on the labels Siren & Mask, or their releases under the alias Skeleton Rock on Bassface Sascha's Smokin' Drum label.

One of the better examples of the jungle current that swept through Germany during its UK heyday. Expect to see a couple of these on an upcoming mix.

Massive props to the Deutsch massive.





Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 23rd, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 23rd, 2009

Three more full rips and two single tunes for ya.

Stompin rudebirl funkstep jumpdown smoothglass jungle.

Part 1




Part 2




Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 8th, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 8th, 2009

As promised, another batch fresh from the ether. For this one I picked records I wanted to do full rips of (except the mephisto odyssey record). Part 1 includes a rare 95 jungle record with ragga and atmospheric influences, and one of the few dnb records I love to pieces. If anyone has Marineville's Redpath House album and could hook me up, I'd really appreciate it. Part 2 includes an early US jungle tune on a mostly triphop label, and my favorite Bay B Kane release recorded under his alias Rinca. Part 3 heads underground for some Simon Templa of Road Busters fame and Timmi Magic from the Armshouse Crew.

Part 1


D.B. Hazard - Down In The Jungle Sampler - Nubian (ROAR 01T)


Marineville - Universal Egg 020

Part 2


Mephisto Odyssey - City of Angels 77118-1


Rinca (Bay B Kane) - Ruff Guidance 008


Part 3


Simon Templa - Underground Hardware 037


Timmi Magic & PSG - Decibel 002


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 7th, 2009

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - April 7th, 2009

Part 1


In the latest installment from my dust-caked shelves, we start with a 97 german ragga tune that kicks off with a bong rip, then we move into 98 with a very strange experimental french jungle tune made in honor of the crisis in kosovo, then we have ms. nikki c with some 95 hiphop amen ruffness, then my favorite secret squirrel tune which is one hell of atmospheric unfurling, then a groovy 92 hardcore ragga tune by sector 5, then a little more atmospheric 96 jungle to round out part one. don't let the later years deceive you - the amen was alive and well even then.


Part 2


For part two we have two early tunes from L Double of Flex Records fame and two of the hardest tunes Subject 13 ever made, on the first release of the label Vibez. For those familiar with Subject 13's later floaty dnb work, you're in for a surprise.


Part 3


For part three we have a full rip from one of my jungle idols, and the only release from the label Armshouse Crew I've never seen available anywhere. I would say more, but this guy doesn't need any hype.

Lennie De Ice - Breaking New Ground EP - Armshouse Crew 002


Stay tuned...another huge batch to come in a day or two.

Friday, February 6, 2009

February 2009 Rips

Time for another round from my vaults. First up, two of my favorite ragga tunes, 19 Funky 5 on the label Sub & Bleep, and Party AK47 by G-Flex & the Bandit on SOUR, a tune which is largely responsible for me becoming as interested as I am in jungle today. For years it was my favorite jungle tune, and had I never heard T-Power's Amber, it probably still would be. Then we have another full rip from the label Goops which produced three very solid dirty style jungle eps. Bit of rare groove sampled in there too. I wouldn't mind hearing a mix of all three releases start to finish if anyone is so inclined. After that we have Justice's Touch Me, a nice lil diva jungle tune from Flavour Tracks. Then, speaking of diva jungle, we have, in my personal opinion, the finest remix of NRG's infamous Need Your Lovin, this one gutted and put back together by new skool talent Operator. Scoot backwards about 10 years, but stay on the left side of the pond, and we have another US jungle showcase, this time Jamie Myerson under the pseudonym PEP with a floater and an atmospheric amen choon worked up for UK label Quayside. Return to Flavour Tracks, another label with three solid releases (I would guess run by Justice), with two mixes of Sy-Uss & Reality's Tribal Instinct. Then, to end the aural orgasm, we have two very special items on the dessert menu: my preferred version of Ibiza records 50 (there were two different records released under this catalogue number), this one stamped Mirror Mirror on the label, and an ode to all the pirate radio badmen from the dutty London underground, a tune every self-respecting junglist should have in their library of vinyl, Pirates on the label Metamorphosis. 14 tunes to warm your ears from a cold February New York City Friday. Hope you enjoy.


mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0MGBA0SX