Friday, February 6, 2009

February 2009 Rips

Time for another round from my vaults. First up, two of my favorite ragga tunes, 19 Funky 5 on the label Sub & Bleep, and Party AK47 by G-Flex & the Bandit on SOUR, a tune which is largely responsible for me becoming as interested as I am in jungle today. For years it was my favorite jungle tune, and had I never heard T-Power's Amber, it probably still would be. Then we have another full rip from the label Goops which produced three very solid dirty style jungle eps. Bit of rare groove sampled in there too. I wouldn't mind hearing a mix of all three releases start to finish if anyone is so inclined. After that we have Justice's Touch Me, a nice lil diva jungle tune from Flavour Tracks. Then, speaking of diva jungle, we have, in my personal opinion, the finest remix of NRG's infamous Need Your Lovin, this one gutted and put back together by new skool talent Operator. Scoot backwards about 10 years, but stay on the left side of the pond, and we have another US jungle showcase, this time Jamie Myerson under the pseudonym PEP with a floater and an atmospheric amen choon worked up for UK label Quayside. Return to Flavour Tracks, another label with three solid releases (I would guess run by Justice), with two mixes of Sy-Uss & Reality's Tribal Instinct. Then, to end the aural orgasm, we have two very special items on the dessert menu: my preferred version of Ibiza records 50 (there were two different records released under this catalogue number), this one stamped Mirror Mirror on the label, and an ode to all the pirate radio badmen from the dutty London underground, a tune every self-respecting junglist should have in their library of vinyl, Pirates on the label Metamorphosis. 14 tunes to warm your ears from a cold February New York City Friday. Hope you enjoy.



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