Friday, May 29, 2009

End of May Rip-fest

Tykal's end of May rip-fest: I've been bitten by the bug, in more ways than one. The first being that I have one nasty case of the flu, the two week plus variety, which may or may not come from the snout of swine. The second, and more beneficial to you, being an itch to rip a few records for hour or so after work a couple days per week. Excepting the first tune, all full rips at 320 to help you blast yourself through the sweltering heat of summer.

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 19th-21st 2009


Mind 21 - Mindz - Urban Gorilla (ICE1031).rar

Reel II Reel ft Michelle Thompson - Jungle for Lovers - Reel II Reel Productions.rar

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 25th 2009

Cantankerous - Make D'Speakerz Pop - Slammin Wrecx 004.rar

Jay Parkes & Nerv - Pin High Records (PHJA003).rar

Mixrace Productions - Mob Handed 005.rar

Nicky Blackmarket & Formula 7 - Maniacs Volume - Quayside 013.rar

Tom & Tom - Down Force - Deep Red Recordings 002.rar

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 26th 2009

Detrimental - Booyaka Crew Remixes - Cooking Vinyl (DEBT004).rar

DJ Buz - No U-Turn 008.rar

Graham Haynes, Marque Gilmore & Lennie De Ice - Polydor 576 109-1.rar

Nostramus - Predictions EP - Recordings of Substance (HEMP4).rar

Warrior Bass - Future Vinyl 4.rar

Tykal's Vinyl Rips - May 27th 2009

Flynn & Flora - Independent Dealers 001.rar

Headhunter & Astralasia - Dubxotic EthnoFunkaDelia - Universal Egg (EGGY19).rar

Mind Rise - Inverse 004.rar

Point Blank - One Touch Recordings 004.rar

The Brotherhood - Brotherhood Vol 1 - Quayside 16.rar


  1. this site is fantastic! can't thank you enough! keep up the good work

  2. Eeeeasy Tykal. I really appreciate all the effort you're putting into this site. Your choons have been very useful and enjoyable in my playlists at work, my DJ sets, and while playing Audiosurf (check it out if you haven't already!)

    One bit of constructive criticism - how about letting us comment anonymously? I'm not crazy about commenting with my Google account, ya know?

    Feel free to check out my mixtape site as it's created in the same spirit as this one - free music with no ads or obligations. I'm still ripping all the time but there's already a few good jungle sets up there.