Saturday, February 27, 2010

The End of an Era

In case anyone's noticed, the "vinyl" rips have been lacking for quite a while a now, mostly because I've been struck by various technological woes at home: I spilled a beer on my primary turntable and it seems doomed to a state of perpetual stupor. Then my desktop died a long overdue death. And when I finally got a comp from the closet running, one of my backup turntable's channels lost its voice. That aside, we're back in business now with a new laptop, an Audio Technica pre-amp and Roland's Cakewalk audio interface, so expect an onslaught of rips to ensue and the sound quality to have drastically improved.

The title of this post refers to the end of my stint on short-term disability. Unfortunately my body's not seeing its best of times and I'm up to about 10 herniated discs and counting. A couple trips to the ER and a series of spikes in pain levels weren't so fun, but a month's worth of workless rest did me good, and so on my last Saturday as a good-for-nothing, I thought I'd give this old donkey of a blog a poke.

Bizzy B - Dark Souldier - Brain II 003.rar

DJ Kazimir ft Carol C - Dear Prudence - Smile 9076-0.rar

Real Sportsman & DJ Rusty Dust - Smokin Drum 007R.rar

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  1. All the best wishes from you know who from israel...
    Hope the pain gets as little as possible and thanx for the music